Supply Reliability

Tata Power DDL is committed to supply Non-Stop power to over 70 Lakh citizens in North and North West Delhi. We are the most technologically advanced utilities owing to the effective deployment of its aggressive, systematic and stakeholder-centric IT & OT and smart grid initiatives. For effective and efficient operations across various voltage levels, a host of integrated technologies like - ADMS, GIS, FFA, SAP, BCM, AMI, Over 2 Lakh Smart Metering etc. have been implemented. Apart from having many firsts to its credit, the implementation of technologies in an integrated environment has helped in deriving benefits in terms of AT&C loss reduction, increased reliability and customer delight.

The Network reliability is specifically measured by SAIFI & SAIDI. These are the global standard of measuring the power reliability for a specific consumer.

SAIFI is the average number of interruptions that a customer would experience whereas SAIDI is the total duration of an outage experience in a particular SAIFI event for a customer.

Initiatives for ensuring supply reliability

  • LV automation - Real-time monitoring and measurement of Breaker Tripping, loading, unbalancing. Predictive IOT Platform & maintenance alerts for abnormality
  • IoT based predictive maintenance – Real-time monitoring and measurement of Breaker Parameter, Predictive Platform & maintenance alerts for abnormality, Prediction based on SAW Temperature Sensor & CB health data from Relay
  • IoT based health monitoring of 11Kv Feeder – Sensor based load unbalancing, fault current measurement, multiple fault detection algorithms and in-rush restraint options, immediate con¿rmation of service restoration.
  • IoT based theft control of HVDS Transformer – Alert during power outage & theft attempt, Geo-location on Google maps of DT for tracking, Hot-spot detection and alerts for predictive maintenance.
  • IoT based feeder pillar automation – Real-time status monitoring of incoming supply and all the outgoing supply, temperature and smoke sensors status for detecting any abnormal conditions. It helps in reduction of NCC, MTTR and alert in cases of any fire incidents inside feeder pillar.
  • Smart RMUs in DA – Real-time monitoring of all critical parameters of RMU and data captured by relays. Quick supply restorations through fully controlled RMU with capability of auto-changeover and auto-reclosing.
  • DT Smart Meters with DIDO – Smart meters for distribution transformers are equipped with digital inputs for monitoring of DT oil level, DC failure, SF6 and FPI status in RMUs. This helps in the prevention of DT failure due to oil level by tripping the circuit breaker instantaneously by digital output.
  • TQM approach – Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) approach for focussed and quality maintenance of distributed power delivery assets for enhancing reliability of customer supply at optimized cost.
  • Smart device installations – Intelligent auto-reclosers and fast acting fuses for localized and high speed fault isolation and restoration for enhancement of customer supply.
  • In-house device development – Innovative reliability products and solution like Bird Guard, Pole Protectors, Animal guard, FRP Cross arms and Insulation sleeves for reliability enhancement.