Data Analytics

Smart grid data analytics market is anticipated to grow by 25% from 2020 to 2024. Data analytics is now playing a more important role than anything else in the modern industrial system. Indeed, it has unlocked novel groundbreaking opportunities for almost everyone. While among this all, smart grid data analytics is shaking up the entire industry with its utilities and technological innovations, making a significant impact on the lives of many people. Optimized management of the distribution grid with data-driven analytics. From micro-grids to electric vehicles, achieve better equipment efficiency and higher overall quality. And, the ability to accurately predict outages before they occur, while running assets at peak performance.

Analytics landscape

One of the most complex IT-OT integrated architecture comprising of state of art systems like GIS, ADMS, Big Data and MDM etc.

Power Management

Day ahead and intraday power management in the most accurate way to include sudden weather impact and with minimal human intervention. Tata Power-DDL's in-house automated power management application is benchmarked against the external vendor and found to be at par in terms of prediction accuracy.

Power Manager is an in-house developed software for enhancing real-time power planning. It serves as the single platform where data from different beneficiaries are crawled and analysed like SLDC Schedule, ADMS Load Data and frequency, IMD weather Data, Radar images, Forecast from the third-party vendor and various other activities. The crawled data is then shown in the form of graphs for a better understanding of the same. This software also serves the purpose for intraday prediction of load which was developed using data analytics by formulating various parameters of previous day load, actual and predicted weather. The intraday optimiser is one of the greatest features of this development which helps to lift up/backdown various power plants according to the merit order without any manual intervention and served as the crucial tool kit of the real-time power manager. After the introduction of Real-Time Market, Power manager was integrated with IEX as well and data is fetched from the website and daily/weekly/monthly reports are being generated from the same. Apart from RTM other reports to be circulated within the team and the top management is also generated from this development.

Features of the Power Manager Software:

  • Solar Data integrated in PMS
  • Any tripping of generator can be monitored through the same
  • Low Frequency alarms
  • Real time DMS and ADSM calculation
  • Battery Energy Storage System also integrated
  • ADMS load redundancy

Weather impact analytics

Using analytics to mitigate changes in loading pattern due to unforeseen changes in weather and loading pattern on a real-time basis.

Revenue Protection

Indian power factor loses around $16.2 Billion to theft every year. This makes revenue protection as highest priority for any power distribution company. Tata Power-DDL has managed this problem remarkably well and minimized AT&C loses less than 8% by optimizing process with the help of AI. To accurately predict energy theft at transformer and consumer level, various consumer attributes including smart meter data is used. The benefit of this has been improved theft booking efficiency and analytics based prioritization of ant pilferage drive.

Payment Default Prediction

To predict probable payment defaulters and suggest best course of action for revenue recovery.

Cash Flow Prediction

To predict cash collection from consumer to maintain healthy cash flow processes by finance.

Network Optimization

Feeder Load Growth Prediction is an important aspect of electricity distribution business as it enables the utility to make the network robust enough to meet the changing load requirements. Inaccurate load prediction results in inaccurate planning which further results in un-optimized capital and as well as operational expenditure.

Asset Sweating

Optimum transformer utilization and ensuring load balancing resulting CAPEX saving and enhanced asset life. Transformer swapping has led to cost savings of upto INR 5,000,000.

Vegetation Management

Decision support system to analyse high tree tripping prone feeders and provide timely alerts to plan future vegetation management.

Process Automation

Automated Dues Verification system to pinpoint historical dues against similar addresses which are applied for new connection using advance text mining. The benefit is an expected saving of worth INR 6,000,000.

Smart Meter Analytics

Smart Meter installation has been scaled up year over the years . The communication medium is predominantly through RF mesh, NBIot technology has also been adopted. Apart from the inherent advantages of smart meter in terms of remote reading, disconnection, event logs etc, the data available from smart meters have been leveraged to improve network and revenue parameters through analysis and analytics .

AMI Network Performance

Smart Meter Communication Analytics

Decision support system to find reason for smart meter non-communication and provide prescriptive solution to improve it further. This has led to a 50% reduction in non-communicating meter since Feb '19 from 1130 to 519.

Automatic Consumer Mapping Correction

Transformer to consumer mapping anomaly detection and provide correct mapping using integrated analytics on GIS and Smart Meter data. The benefit of this is an expected saving of INR 4,658,000 which is recurring in nature. Accurate network topology which is integral to correct outage management and loss calculations.

Smart Meter Analysis

Decision support system to help in the Power Quality Analysis and identify transformer with power quality issues and other parameters. This helps in the proactive identification of voltage deviation issues for timely resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Power Outage Analysis

Daily monitoring of outages at transformer level to initiate immediate corrective and preventive action.

Near real-time energy auditing

Near real-time energy loss calculation as transformer level using Smart Meter Data.

Customer Services

Call Volume Prediction: Predict hourly call volume to optimize consumer care executive strength at call centre.

Consumer Footfall Prediction: Predict desk level consumer footfall to optimize number of counters for customer services.

Consumer Sentiment Analysis

360° analysis of consumer voice at multiple digital platforms like Website, Facebook and Twitter etc. to provide actionable insight for further customer satisfaction improvement.

HR Management

Employee Attrition Prediction: To predict high performing employees attrition and provide HR with insight to increase retention.

Employee Engagment prediction: Creation of inhouse prescriptive engagment model and identifying employee/departmental/organizational areas of improvement.

Inventory Management

Inventory holding cost optimization using high value material consumption prediction. The benefit has been inventory cost optimization by INR 19,300,000.

KPI Dashboard

Single point of truth for all business important KPIs with detailed drill-down capability and robust review mechanisum.

Future Plan: Analytics as a Service

The basic idea behind “Analytics as a Services” is to provide highly matured in house develop products embeded with unparalled domain experties as a ready to use service with minimal customization in least possible timeframe. Leveraging organizational data analytics capabilities for generating additional revenue stream.