EV Offerings

Adoption of sustainable solutions - Electric Vehicle (EV)

TATA Power-DDL has always been a front runner in implementing new technologies and encouraging sustainable development. We support the Indian Government’s ‘National Electric Mobility Mission’ and Delhi Government's vision of promoting EV adoption and establishing Delhi as the EV capital of India.

We believe in sustainable development and actively participate in developing good business model and technologies that yield substantial positive results for the society. In continuation to this philosophy and belief, promotion of E-vehicles in the National Capital Territory is one of our major goals considering the rising air pollution levels in the area. The air quality in Delhi is a serious concern and vehicles being a major source of air pollution in the capital, rapid adoption of Zero Emission Electric Vehicles would be greatly instrumental in improving air quality, reducing noise pollution and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In view of the EV policy of GoNCTD, TATA Power-DDL will facilitate the establishment of Public Charging and Battery Swapping Stations within its licensed area to promote green mode of transportation.

Battery Swapping Stations: Battery operated E-Rickshaws/3-Wheelers are easily accessible for transportation and are used by public. In areas where E-Rickshaws are operational in large numbers, we intend to give space to service providers/operators to invest for setting up swap stations infrastructure. We plan to set up around 100 such stations by 2025. This is in line with the EV policy that aims to invite ‘Energy Operators’ to set up charging and battery swap stations across Delhi.

We are working in association with EV OEMs like Ola Electric, SUN Mobility, who are setting up such stations at our locations.

Public Charging Deployment: TATA Power-DDL has installed 11 EV public chargers at various locations in Delhi-NCR areas.

Home Charging Deployment: TATA Power-DDL in association with TATA Power Company has deployed officials in various cities to facilitate home charger deployment for TATA Nexon EV. A total of 215 home chargers have been installed in Delhi-NCR coordinated by TATA Power-DDL.

For any query, please write to us at: evofferings@tatapower-ddl.com

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