The Genesis of Roshni

The Genesis

The Conceptualisation

Tata Power-DDL’s brand mascot, Roshni was conceptualized keeping in mind all of these necessary requirements. She has been designed as a character that can connect will all age groups. The name ‘Roshni’ means ‘light’, which implies the light of wisdom, reliability, and happiness. She has a charming personality and can light up surroundings. Roshni is very expressive. Her twinkling eyes and contagious smile instantly draws people’s attention towards her.

Roshni has a multifaceted personality. She plays the role of a guide, friend, and philosopher. In the power distribution domain, Safety and Reliable Service are the most important pillars. Having a brand mascot that can communicate with the consumers, guide and inform them on important aspects such as Safety, Energy Conservation, Sustainability, Bill Payments, awareness about digital touch-points, Schemes etc. is a great way to stay connected with them.

The Light of Wisdom

According to a consumer survey that was conducted by Tata Power-DDL, it was found that consumers considered electricity as a hygiene factor and a basic necessity which should be provided 24x7. However, besides reliable power there are a number of other factors that are equally important in the power sector such as energy-efficiency,  safety, smart solutions, digital mediums etc. Therefore, to draw consumer attention and take the communication to the next level, the idea of a mascot was born. Tata Power-DDL’s brand mascot ‘Roshni’ is a symbol of Shakti, and spreads the ‘light of wisdom’.