Safe & Sustainable Living

Energy Conservation for a Sustainable Future

The world is advancing at an incredibly fast pace. Scientific and technological innovations are transforming the globe into an automated, super-efficient setup. Every corner of the earth is accessible through internet at a click of a button. Space Exploration, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Media – all of the ideas once thought of are a reality now. If we think what could make it all possible? Power is the answer. Power or energy is derived from conventional and non-conventional resources.

However, the rapid advancement of the world and the increasing energy demand is pushing us towards an impending energy crisis. It has become essential to realise and educate each other about the discreet use of energy so that our future generations have adequate resources to use.

Energy Conservation is the need of the hour. The good things is it is no complex science. Conserving energy and resources is easy and simple. It could involve making some basic, sensible changes in our daily habits. From helping the environment to saving on your energy bills, the benefits of energy conservation go a long way. Conserving energy follows national concern too. Energy Management is key to a sustainable future of our country.

Roshni brings to you some simple, easy and smart ways to Energy Management and Conservation.

Sustainable Living

A sustainable future is a future that continues to have all the resources that are essential for human life in abundance. And, that future depends on how judiciously we consume the resources today. Sustainable living involves the thoughtful and considerate use of natural resources and constantly make efforts to replace the resources that are being used so as to not completely exhaust them.

In the recent times however, post industrialisation, the natural resources both renewable and non-renewable have been used indiscriminately, the results of which are evident now. Global warming, climate change, ozone layer depletion, exhaustion of natural resources are those outcomes and their impact on the ecological balance will be devastating. It is the need of the moment for the world to adopt sustainable practices that will help reduce the detrimental impact on the environment.

As a responsible organisation, Tata Power-DDL promotes and practices Sustainable initiatives. These are aligned with our Vision & Mission and our Climate Change Policy. The organisation is sensitive to the aspect of climate change and committed to implementing energy-efficient and greener technologies. Our brand mascot 'Roshni' champions the cause of building a Sustainable Future by spreading awareness about the need for sustainable energy solutions.

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