Recruit - A commitment to our people

We are an equal opportunity and equal pay employer constantly taking action to create more employment and advancement opportunities for people from all backgrounds. Our workplace welcomes all, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, or being specially-abled.

We enable a culture that empowers our workforce with visible and invisible disabilities to perform at their full potential and motivate them to contribute positively. Employees have the opportunity to grow, develop, and find support. Encouraging them to live authentically and put their well-being first, irrespective of gender identity is the top priority for us.

We’re proud of the foundation we’ve built, and we’re clear-eyed about the challenges that remain. Together, we’re committed to continuing this journey with humility and resolve.

Where We Stand Today

We have talented employees and are proud that when people join Tata Power-DDL, they find fulfilment for many years. We are taking meaningful actions for more diverse representation across every part of the business in our hiring decisions. Our inclusive practices continue to show a promising impact on our hiring efforts, and we look forward to continuing this momentum.

Support for development, from Entry-level to Executive-level
Equal opportunity starts with equitable access to career development programs and support. From new hire orientation to succession planning, we’re embedding consistent processes and resources that help current leaders develop future leaders equitably.

Hiring Statistics for Females & Affirmative Action

  • New Hires in 2021-22 21.67% Females*
  • Total Workforce has 14.67% Females*
  • New Hires through Affirmative Action 14.78% in 2021-22 *
  • Total Workforce through Affirmative Action 18.48% *As of March 2022

How We Work to Attract Diverse Candidates

We apply the 'Best Practices for Hiring the Best People'. Diverse employees drive our success. We cast a wide net to help increase the number of qualified women and underrepresented minorities we hire, and we look for promising candidates.

1. We strive for inclusive recruiting practices.

  • To generate interest from diverse pools of candidates and create an inclusive and welcoming interview experience, we ensure diversity & cross-functional interview panels.
  • Our training programs on ‘Unconscious Bias’ & ‘Competency Based Interviewing Skills’ help our hiring managers and interview panels mitigate potential bias and make sound hiring decisions. These mandatory trainings help eliminate inherent biases and create an equitable hiring experience for all.
  • Our Diversity & Inclusion policy guide Tata Power-DDL's Talent Acquisition team strengthen their skills in sourcing, attracting, and engaging diverse candidates.

2. We source candidates in a variety of ways.

  • We recruit candidates from various Recruitment Schemes to source great talent.
  • We launch special campaigns & Referral programs to hire Specially-abled & Affirmative Action candidates.
  • We are working to accelerate progress in diversity hiring and recruiting across technical and non-technical roles. In line with company’s vision to create equal on-field opportunities, this year we have also on-boarded 2 skilled female linestaff.

3. We recruit at a broad range of colleges and universities.

  • We engage with Polytechnics, Colleges & Universities to hire diverse and fresh talent in form of Campus Recruitment.
  • We also reach out to Campus for Internship programs.
  • We also hire from TATA SCIP (Second Careers Inspiring Possibilities) for offering opportunities to women candidates re-starting their careers.
  • We maintain equity in opportunity and pay parity in our Campus Recruitment program. Employees of all genders earn the same when engaging in similar work with comparable experience and performance.

Hiring & Encouraging Equality

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Tata Power-DDL is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and creating an inclusive work environment.

  • Equal Opportunity Employer Policy
  • Gender diversity targets for Functional Heads
  • Campus Recruitment - 30% of the selected candidates to be women
  • 15% Recruitment through Affirmative Action Program
  • 5% of the New Hires to be from specially-abled category
  • Hiring through Tata SCIP (Second Careers Inspiring Possibilities)
  • Rewards for employee referrals on selection