Whether it is nurturing their families at home or paving the way for transformation in their jobs, women employees have a unique value in our company. At Tata Power-DDL, we value the exclusive contribution of our women employees at the workplace in the form of diversified ideas, perspectives and experience. We are committed towards providing an inclusive and conducive culture to our women employees through various initiatives.


All-Women Customer Care Centres: Tata Power-DDL has two All-Women Customer Care Centres located at Pitampura and Civil Lines. Managed entirely by teams of highly efficient and committed women who are trained to handle a gamut of customer service offerings such as new power supply applications, monthly bill payments and other customer related services including addressing Customers’ concerns and queries, these customer care centres have proved to be great milestones on our path towards women empowerment.

Tata Power-DDL is committed towards gender parity at work by recognising the diverse strength women bring to the organisation and curating workplace policies that are geared towards empowering the women employees. Through its various women dedicated initiatives like empowering through leadership positions, giving them challenging roles to develop their strength, support during critical life stages, dialogue with CEO and mentorship by senior leaders, the company aims to empower women to lead by nurturing and developing their strengths.

Leading by Example – Women Technicians at Distribution Transformer Workshop: With 4 ambitious women employees of Tata Power-DDL taking up unconventional jobs at the Distribution Transformer Workshop, it’s time to break the stereotype that jobs are gender specific. From labour intensive work such as maintenance and repair of the distribution transformers involving oil filtration and testing to gasket maintenance, these inspiring women technicians do it all. However, like every new beginning has its own share of challenges, the journey for these women technicians have been demanding too, but through sheer hard work and support from the organisation, they have been able to deliver their best and lead by example.

Women of Will - Creating a Utility for an Empowered Future

A progressive society is one where men and women are equally valued and respected in all fields. In pursuit of this equality, Tata Power-DDL has joined hands with USAID, a premier international development agency, to strengthen women’s participation in India’s power sector.

Under the Engendering Utilities Program, USAID has collaborated with Tata Power-DDL to generate job opportunities for women in India’s power sector and encourage them to rise to leadership roles.

Read the story of our 'Woman of Will', Rajni Kumari in the Tata Review magazine Oct – Dec '20 edition, who shattered the stereotype that jobs are gender specific. Click here to read.
Tata Review is a quarterly magazine that seeks to establish the Tata Group’s thought leadership and project the group’s vision through insightful conversations.

Breaking the stereotype

  • Women technicians of DT workshop

  • DT maintenance work in progress

  • USAID Engendering Utilities Program members

  • Handling the transformer repair work efficiently

  • Diligent DT Workshop team at work

  • Women technicians at DT Workshop

  • DT Workshop and USAID Engendering Utilities team

  • Efficiently performing labour intensive work

  • Working to perfection at DT workshop


Development Programs: Nomination for Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Program by Engendering Utilities (USAID)

Ms. Geetanjali Tripathi, CSR Group and Ms. Namrata Maheshwari, HR – Tech. & Centre of Excellence have been nominated for a six-month Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Program designed and supported by USAID under its Engendering Utilities Program in collaboration with Fullbright University, Vietnam. The program consists of organizational gender equality assessments, a seven-week virtual course, and four months of Change Management Coaching with gender experts from around the world.


Mentoring for Women Managers: Women Managers are assigned Mentors from the senior management team, who provide them with the guidance and support on the professional and developmental front on a continual basis.

Unique Learning & Development Programs: Women employees are given exposure to various Learning & Development initiatives, particularly crafted to develop their management and leadership skills. They are introduced to various platforms, training initiatives, guest lectures and external programs which are designed in keeping with the special needs of our women employees.

Customized Programs and External Exposure:

  • WILL - Unravel the leader within: Training covered 39 women employees in the Managerial level
  • WILL - Believe & Achieve: Training covered 69 women employees in the Executive Trainee-Assistant Manager level

Trainings through UN-WEP were organised for a better understanding of diversity and inclusion at workplace.

  • Education and training for women
  • Gender balance through diversity and inclusion
  • Impact of gender bias
  • Inclusive and bias-free hiring practices
  • Non-discriminatory and gender equal workplaces
  • Why organisation must support gender diversity and inclusion at the workplace