Energy Savings

Energy savings tips to reduce energy consumption

  • Switch off AC or Manage your Thermostat
    - Turn OFF your AC during the duration of the event.
    - Make use of AC at optimum temperature by setting it at 25oC which will reduce the electricity consumption level.
  • Keep your Refrigerator and Freezer at the ideal temperature
    - Maintain the ideal temperature inside the refrigerator as it will help in reducing energy consumption.
    - Don’t leave your refrigerator door open too long as it will make your refrigerator struggle to maintain an ideal temperature which will lead to more energy consumption.
  • Don't Open the oven door too often to check food condition
    - Opening the oven door too often to check food condition leads to a temperature drop of 25°C.
  • Avoid using Water Motor
    - Do not use a water motor during this time.
  • Unplug unused Electronic Gadgets
    - Don’t leave the switch ON when TV, Audio Systems, and other appliances are not in use.
    - Idle operation leads to an energy loss of 10 watts/device.
  • Turn off unnecessary Lights and use Natural Light
    - Switch off artificial lights during day time and use windows and skylights to let natural light in.
  • Alter the timings of the washing machine and avoid using it during peak hours
    - If required wash your clothes with a full load and use a timer facility.
    - Use natural drying over electric dryers.