Energy Savings

Smart Niwas, best home automation system in India, from Tata Power-DDL, works efficiently for saving money on utilities and providing overall convenience. With more and more homeowners looking for ways to green their homes, it’s no wonder that automated devices have come to fill that niche. Automated window treatments are a wonderful example of home automation that delivers on a variety of levels. Not only are motorized blinds far more convenient than manually changing the position of all of the blinds in the home each and every day, but they can help run the home much more efficiently. Sometimes when the shades or blinds stay in the same position all day long, they let the sun in to heat up house. While this is a plus in the winter, it is a definite negative in the summer, when the temperature must be down extra seven degrees. Instead of allowing Mother Nature to heat things up in there, schedule the blinds to raise and shut in time with the sun.

In an effort to reduce energy bills Smart Niwas, best home automation system in India from Tata Power-DDL, can also measure the energy usage of individual appliances.

Energy Saving Calculator