Management & Technical Training

We understand the value of imparting the right blend of management, technical and field-specific training to our employees. The learning exposures provided to our employees helps ensure that they stay up to date with the latest technologies in the power distribution sector and are also equally abreast with the new techniques for guiding, coaching, motivating and leading teams.

Competency based Training

Employee development is of prime importance in maintaining and improving intellectual capital and therefore, we are continuously striving to provide employees with a training experience which is of value to them and contributes towards their personal & professional growth. In any organization, business growth is a result of a surge in talent. A focused approach is taken towards building core competencies and effective managerial & leadership skills of the employees.

A Behavioral Competency Framework consisting of 8 generic competencies has been designed in which each of the new competencies evolves (graduate) to the new level as per the demands of the role at the higher level of leadership. We do this by keeping in mind their future aspirations, development and progression within the organization.

Focused Departmental Training

An organization’s success is the result of an efficient amalgamation of different departments that work towards a common goal. At Tata Power – DDL, we understand that each department has its own training needs and functional requirements. These training needs are common and vital for all team members to achieve in order to meet the department’s targets. Focused group training programs help the company to achieve these goals through the development of departmental competencies, building on the department’s team spirit through a combination of soft skills and functional skills.

External Training & High-Value Programs

We pride ourselves in our association with some of the most prestigious educational institutes and agencies such as IIM-Ahmedabad, IIM-Bangalore, IIM-Indore, IIM-Lucknow, Tata Management Training Centre, Pune and many more, which provide training to our employees and impart the right exposure that will help ensure our organization’s success.

Technical Training

In today’s fast-paced, competitive environment, the work of technical professionals often determines the success or failure of an organization. Tata Power – DDL strongly understands this factor and lays great emphasis to ensure that through technical training, our employees will be able to perform more innovatively which will ultimately result in enhanced customer satisfaction. For this reason, a dedicated Hands-on Technical Training Centre at our Learning & Development Campus has also been created, which physically explains the entire process of power distribution.