Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Is there any penalty if I cannot save energy during the events?

    Answer: No, the program aims at encouraging customers to achieve energy-saving voluntarily. No penalty will be applied even though there is no energy saved.

Q.2: Can customers without smart meters participate in URJA ARPAN Program?

    Answer: No, the program is designed to monitor energy consumption of smart meter customers initially. However, non-smart customers can also take benefits of energy saving tips and reduce their bills by using electricity wisely for a greater cause.

Q.3: How would I be notified regarding participation and rewards of URJA ARPAN Program?

    Answer: The participating customers will be informed about their rewards/incentives through SMS and e-mail id registered in Tata Power-DDL records.

Q.4: How often will an event be called? And how long do they last?

    Answer: The events will be called from May 2022 to Sep 2022 during any time of the day or night, for 1 to 2 hours. A maximum of 3-4 events will be called in a month.

Q.5: What are the benefits of participating in URJA ARPAN?

    Answer: Some of the benefits of participating in URJA ARPAN Program are:

  • Reduced energy costs: The URJA ARPAN Program delivers incentives that goes directly to the customers. The total incentive will depend on the amount of energy demand reduced during the events. Further, the monthly electricity bill will be reduced by using electricity judiciously.
  • Social and environmental obligation: URJA ARPAN is a clean, efficient alternative to peaking power plants. By participating in this program you will help us maintain reliable and affordable electricity, hence signifying your social and environmental obligation.
  • Saving Environment: Generation of more electricity to meet peak demand will substantially increase the carbon footprint of the grid. By controlled consumption during peak hours, you will help limit the carbon footprint, hence saving the environment.
  • Lower costs to all customers: Any reduction in peak demand can result in reduced grid and generation investment. Less transmission and generation infrastructure means lower electricity costs for end users.
  • Increased reliability of service: If we can switch off non-essential load or turn on standby generation in response to transmission or generation failures, we can maintain electricity supply to customers' essential services.
  • Monetary benefits: Basis the contribution, you will receive monetary benefits, depending upon your participation (upto Rs.1000/-) and other attractive rewards. Also customers participating in all events will be eligible for Mega Reward - lucky draw.