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As Delhi records season’s lowest temperature for the season, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited’s peak winter demand touches a record high of 1646 MWDate : Jan 05, 2023

• The company successfully met the peak demand without any network constraint

• The company uses advanced statistical forecasting solutions, including AI & Machine Learning

• Banking helps in arranging power for summer months, while disposing of surplus winter power

Tata Power Delhi Distribution (Tata Power-DDL) today successfully met the record peak power demand of 1646 MW without any network constraint and power outage as cold wave grips Northwest India. With the plunge in temperature, the capital is presently colder than several hill stations.

The previous highest demand of Delhi was 4964 MW and 1618 MW in Tata Power-DDL area in December 2022.

The company is expecting the peak demand to breach 1660 MW mark this season and has made long-term power tie ups for meeting the same and has ensured reliability of its equipment at these low temperatures and foggy conditions. A total of 1700 MW of power is available from long-term sources with the company which would help in meeting the peak demand effectively.

Our power-supply arrangements during the winter-months include long-term agreements with power-plants like Maithon Power, NTPC Stations, and Delhi based gas fuelled generating stations. Additionally, the company will also be receiving around 300 MW from Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) and around 100 MW from other renewable sources.

Load Forecasting:

Demand (load) forecasting is critical for reliable power supply. It is done on various parameters like (i) Day-ahead in 96 time-slots, (ii) Intra-day basis and (iii) Medium term (from a fortnight to one year). Among other aspects, weather parameters like Temperature, Rainfall, Cloud Coverage, Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Humidity play an important role in accurate demand forecast. This accurate day ahead, intra-day and medium term demand forecasting is vital for optimal and cost effective planning in ensuring reliable power supply to consumers at an optimal cost.

Tata Power-DDL is adequately prepared for the winter season and has been working towards strengthening its power network and, conducting preventive maintenance and condition based maintenance of all critical electrical installations. Additional staff has been deployed at key locations across the distribution network and Call Centre Staff alerted to provide faster resolution of complaints through coordination with ground staff.