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Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited’s customer convicted by the Special Electricity Court for illegal pole shiftingDate : Nov 29, 2022

•  The Hon'ble determines compensation of Rs. 60,000/-

The Hon'ble Special Electricity Court in Rohini, Delhi convicted and penalized Ramesh Kumar Aggarwal, resident of Aman Vihar on finding him guilty of shifting of the electricity pole, which has caused damage to wires and ABC cables, which is a punishable offence u/s. 136/139 of The Electricity Act, 2003.

A compensation of Rs. 60,000/- and a sum of Rs. 3,000/- as cost of the proceedings was approved by the court for the electricity theft that Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited would recover from the convicted consumer. The sentence was awarded by Sh. Jitendra Singh: Additional Sessions Judge (Electricity), Northwest District Rohini Court, Delhi.

At present, the convict has been released for a probation period of six months via a personal bond for a sum of Rs. 25,000/- and is expected to obediently accept the order of the court and appear as when the next date of judgement is announced. However, the court held on a deterrence perspective of discouraging such crimes with stringent punishment. Electricity is a basic need and any act of power theft results in substantial financial losses to the government and dissatisfaction among customers.

Recently, three more instances of illegal pole shifting were convicted. Causing damage to electricity poles and wires is not only a serious offence but creates a serious safety hazard.

Tata Power- DDL has been aggressive in the recent past on cases pertaining to power theft and illegal construction causing damage to electricity supply. The company has been running various campaigns to inform and educate consumers about how to avoid power theft through its website and social media pages, the customers can also walk into any zonal office and ask for assistance or can call on the official helpline number: 19124.