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Independence Day Advisory - Tata Power-DDL urges people not to fly kites near electrical installationsDate : Aug 13, 2020

Entanglement of dangerous metal coated manjha with power lines can interrupt supply in Hospitals during the ongoing pandemic

• Company is sensitizing children about the do’s and don’ts of flying kites through online sessions in coordination with several Delhi Schools

• To get tips of safe kite flying log on to Tata Power-DDL’s FB page and Twitter Handle 

Tata Power-DDL, a leading utility supplying electricity to a populace of 7 million in North Delhi, appeals to Delhiites not to fly kites near electrical installations and overhead power lines on the occasion of the Independence Day on August 15, 2020. This year the people have to be extra cautious due to the ongoing pandemic as entanglement of metal coated Manjha (kite string) may interrupt power supply to hospitals and other essential services resulting in inconvenience to all.

Kite Flying  Advisory

• Do not fly kites near electrical installations and overhead power lines

• Do not touch the kite or string entangled in electrical cables

• Do not use a metal coated string (Manjha) as it can lead to tripping or even electrocution

• Use only cotton threads or any natural fibre that is free from metallic or glass components

In case of sparking in light poles, call 24x7 Sampark Kendra at 19124 for assistance!

According to estimates, tripping of one 33/66 KV overhead line can disrupt power supply to over 10,000 residents of an area and tripping of a single 11 KV line to over 2,500 residents.

Last year, there were around 12 instances of kite-flying related trappings in Tata Power-DDL’s area. It is noteworthy here that disrupting of power supply and causing damage to power equipment is punishable under the Electricity Act and the Delhi Police Act.

Besides, the manjha has been banned by the government since 2017. The use of manjha endangers the lives of humans, birds and other animals. The government order also, only permits the usage of a cotton thread, which is free from any metals.

Tata Power-DDL is also running a social media campaign using its corporate mascot Roshni for giving tips on precautions to be taken while flying kites in the form of creative and short videos. It is also sensitizing school children about the do’s and don’ts to be kept in mind while flying kites by conducting online sessions in coordination with several Delhi schools.

The company’s Operations and Maintenance teams will be on constant vigil to take care of any kite-flying related contingencies.

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