Building Careers

Tata Power-DDL, as an organization, attributes its competence, success and surpassed milestones to its people. They have also made significant difference to the lives of customers and the community. Tata Power-DDL impresses upon a performance driven DNA in its system by linking the employees’ potential and performance to the compensation structure and reward system. It consistently encourages its employees to compete with themselves and prove their mettle.


Performance & Rewards

People Potential Development System

With the aim of enabling our employees to realize their potentials and shape their development, aligned with the business goals and strategy, Tata Power-DDL has deployed its online competency based Performance Management System termed as the People Potential Development System [PPDS]. In order to make the system more transparent, employee friendly and progressive, the PPDS process also encompasses several interventions and mechanisms for the appraiser and the appraise, such as defined key behavior aspects, appraisal skill workshops and appraisee feedback.


Cherishing & Rewarding Employees

The process of Reward & Recognition is essential for employee motivation and engagement in Tata Power-DDL. Today, the competitive advantage of any business is determined by its people. Hence, the systematization of the Reward and Recognition process has become increasingly significant to make an employee perform to the best of his/her potential.

The organization has always believed in appreciating and motivating its employees for a job well done. In order to institutionalize this belief, Tata Power-DDL has a bouquet of reward and recognition platforms which recognizes both high performance and exceptional potential, at the team and individual levels. The uniqueness of the scheme lies in the variety of schemes within the R&R bouquet.


This structured and well-designed program not only motivates the employees to go beyond what is expected, but also creates a feeling of employee delight and bonding through the involvement of family members in various felicitation functions. Additionally, team reward schemes such as Team Picnics are also organized to create a vibrant work environment to build camaraderie amongst colleagues.


Career Growth & Development

Career Progression

Tata Power-DDL has deployed a defined career progression scheme in order to boost the growth opportunities for its employees through vertical and horizontal progression. This is done by assigning higher roles and cross functional exposure.


Fast Track Promotions

Fast Track Promotion scheme is an initiative to reward our high potential employees with outstanding performance. Fast Track Promotions have been devised to accelerate career growth in order to take on higher roles. It is a well-structured developmental plan with functional and cross-functional exposure alongwith high value training programs at leading Technical and Management institutes which complement this scheme in order to groom the high potential employees as ‘Business Leaders of Tomorrow’.


Career Progression Scheme on Acquiring Higher Education

We at Tata Power-DDL equally value our supervisory and junior technical staff and offer them opportunities to acquire higher professional qualifications while in service and also encourage them to apply for ‘Career Progression Scheme’ which allows them to ‘skip one level promotions’ and progress to a higher cadre.

Internal Job Posting

We recognize the distinct advantage of our talented employees seeking job and career advancement within the company. All employees who are seeking job advancement or considering a job change are encouraged to use the internal Job Posting as a method for seeking a suitable position within the company.

We firmly believe that the employees are the key strength behind the company’s growth in various Consultancy Projects in the Power Sector across India and International locations. Internal Job posting Scheme enables the employees to apply and seek professional growth through exposure in challenging consultancy assignments and also become torch bearers for taking the organization to the next level.


Cross Functional Exposure

We value the inherent personal and professional requirement of our employees to explore various aspects of the organization. To fulfill this need, we consistently focus on their job rotation and enrichment through cross-skilling or up-skilling, ensuring long-term career development of our employees into various leadership roles.