The Club Enerji


In the present scenario the electricity demand is rising all over the world, more so in developing countries like India. The need of hour is conservation and judicious use of electricity. Since it is not possible to cope up with this rapidly increasing demand, the only alternative available to us is to conserve electricity consumption by whatever means we can adopt. The ever increasing pressure on resources to meet the endlessly expanding demand for energy has become a serious concern in the Global Scenario. Delhi being a metropolitan city has the extra burden of serving to its ever growing population which ultimately leads to massive exploitation of energy generating resources. It’s high time we start adopting practices which can lead us to the path of sustainable development.

To make a difference to the rampant power crises and the general lack of concern and awareness, nine years back a lamp was lit to spread the light of awareness on Energy Conservation techniques. The unique initiative of Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited, a first of its kind, is based on the theme of ‘Collaborating to Conserve’. Tata Power-DDL Energy club is an initiative through which we sensitize the young school students on issues like Energy Conservation/ Electrical Safety, Water Conservation, Renewable Energy and Plantation through direct sensitization sessions. We believe students are the change agents who can make the message go a long way.

Tata Power-DDL Energy Club journey was started in way back 2005 with merely 5 Public schools. Till 2017 nine phases has been completed. In each phase 50 new schools are added on board and 340 (260 Govt. + 80 Public) schools are registered as Energi club members. Since the inception of Tata Power-DDL Club Enerji, we have disseminated the energy conservation message to more than 1.5 million individuals including students from 340schools and have saved nearly 17+ lakh units of electricity. In phase X of Club Enerji, 50 schools were taken on the membership panel in FY 2017-18.

Till date, a total of 2, 83,720 students are sensitized on energy conservation and participated in this program.

Modus Operandi of Tata Power-DDL Energy Club

Step-1: Project CONSERVE

Project CONSERVE is the platform where students from our member schools are introduced to Tata Power-DDL Energy Club for the first time. In its first go, they are made familiar with the term ‘Energy Conservation’, the need for it and what role they can play in ensuring the conservation. Through the first hand sensitization sessions by Tata Power-DDL energy expert team, during the zero periods and morning assemblies , Students are sensitized on various aspects of Saving Energy, Water Conservation, Climate Change and Safety, during their morning assemblies.

A bilingual energy conservation booklet containing electricity conservation tips, climate change and electricity safety tips is distributed to each and every member student. These tips are directives for using day to day electrical appliances, so that the electricity consumption is optimized. The main purpose of Project CONSERVE is to educate and enable the students on Energy saving so that the ongoing energy crisis can be addressed. The fact that ‘Energy saved is Energy generated’, needs to be percolated in the daily life practices of the students and later on to their family members, neighbours and friends. The booklet also has some useful & practical tips on household / electrical safety and climate change prevention. Asmall quiz competition is also organized on the spot, to engage the students.
A token gift is also awarded to the winner students.

Step-2: Project NEST

After the sensitization of students, comes the task of passing on the awareness for Energy Conservation to society. Our already sensitized member students are requested to share their knowledge and information about need of Energy Conservation, means to achieve it etc. with their friends and neighbours during vacations.

The project NEST format is offered to students containing the energy conservation tips and personal details of friends and neighbours sensitized with their CA Numbers. Those students who sensitize maximum numbers of friends and neighbours along with their CA numbers are awarded.

Step-3: Urja Mela

Urja Mela is the most fun-filled and look forward to event of every Tata Power-DDL Club Enerji phase, where students from all member schools take part in various competitions. Its unique feature is that all events are entirely based on the theme of Energy Conservation and Climate Change.

The events of Urja Mela are designed in such a way that it keeps both the public and government school students at parity. Nominations for the events are invited well in advance from the member schools so that they get ample time for preparations. The list of events /competitions in Urja Mela is (under various categories of participation):

  1.   On-spot Painting
  2.   Nukkad Natak (Street Play)
  3.   Science Model Display
  4.   Debate

Post Urja Mela, as the final engagement of member students, teachers and schools, a feedback exercise is carried out with where their experiences, suggestions and opinions are collected and further brainstormed on and incorporated in the next phase/ year’s mechanism of Tata Power-DDL Energy Club.

Urja Mela is celebrated every year as a finale event of Energy Club program. In this mela, various competition including debates, painting, Science model display and Nukad natak Natak on the theme of energy conservation are organized.

President Estate Event

On 10thFebruary, 2017, all the awardees in the various competitions in the Urja Mela, 2017, displayed their winning Paintings and Science models at TATA POWER-DDL’s Solar Plant Inauguration, organised in the President Estate. They also participated in the Painting and Science Model Competitions held on the spot.

Honorable President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, accompanied by Ms. Omita Paul, Secretary to the President of India, Shri Praveer Sinha (CEO and MD), Tata Power-DDL, Shri S.K. Saini (Chief-Commercial and SIG), Tata Power-DDL and other dignitaries, praised the work of all participating schools’ Principals, teachers and students. Ms. Omita Paul, Secretary to the President of India, inaugurated the Soft skill Development training for Girl Students program and facilitated the winners of Science Model and Painting competition.

Winning teams of Nukkad Natak Competition, Urja Mela, 2017, performed in front of the Honorable President of India.

Honorable President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee called the students and teachers, ‘Harbingers of change’ and exhorted them to work towards making their societies and our nation a better place for present and future generations.


In an endeavour to make Delhi Green, we at Tata Power-DDL have constantly engaged ourselves into mega tree plantation drives under the aegis of “Harit Ek Pahal” for years now. Working towards ensuring a greener future, Tata Power-DDL has initiated the tree plantation campaign in partnership with various stakeholders to carry out massive tree plantation drives across Delhi. Tata Power-DDL has tied up with agencies such as CRPF, ITBP, various schools & colleges, RWAs etc. for carrying the plantation drive .In FY 16-17, 22,900 were planted and more than 1, 31,000 saplings have been planted till date.

Tata Power-DDL has been recognized as one of the Greening Agencies of Department of Forest & Wildlife, GoNCTD. The continuous plantation efforts undertaken by the company have been well praised by Department of Forest & Wildlife, GoNCTD on various platforms.


At Tata Power-DDL, we believe in the philosophy of giving back to society, multifold. We encourage our employees & business associates to volunteer their services for a holistic betterment of society. It further gives us an opportunity to explore areas for expansion of our existing projects.

Tata Volunteering Week is one such platform, held bi-annually, across Tata Group. Herein, volunteering is not confined just for the employees, but their families are also welcome to serve the communities. Volunteers have a whole gamut of activities to choose from, like: blood donation camps, cleanliness drive, sports meet, women’s day celebration, walkathon, awareness rallies, plantation drives, scholarship distribution to SC/ST students etc.

In FY16-17 – 8525 volunteers participated in 150 CSR volunteering events.

Time and again, Tata Power-DDL has received awards for highest number of volunteering hours, Highest participation rate volunteering hours‘ by the then Chairman of Tata Group.