What is Net Metering

To promote use of Renewable Energy Generation for self-consumption of the consumer, Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission has issued DERC (Net Metering for Renewable Energy) Regulations 2014 and Guidelines under DERC (Net Metering for Renewable Energy) Regulations, 2014, herein after referred to as Net Metering Regulations and Guidelines.

In a conventional system, the consumer receives energy from the grid and any consumption is metered in the energy meter. A net-metering mechanism allows for a two-way flow of electricity wherein the consumer gets energy from the grid as well as can generate energy from the rooftop solar PV system and can feed it back to the grid. The difference is billed only for the ‘net’ electricity (total consumption – own PV production) supplied by the DISCOM.

The electricity generated from rooftop solar PV systems is used for self-consumption by the consumer where any excess generation shall be carried forward to the next billing period for adjustment against the energy consumed in subsequent billing periods.

The Consumer shall be paid for net energy credits which remain unadjusted at the end of the financial year at the rate of Average Power Purchase Cost (APPC) of Tata Power-DDL as stipulated by Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) through its orders, directions and notifications.

Please refer to the following DERC guidelines for further details