Initiatives in Business Excellence

Business Excellence Initiatives at Tata Power-DDL

"Business Excellence" is an integral part of Business Management and is the application of quality management theory and tools to run our business more efficiently. Business Excellence is the culture of Tata Power-DDL, which works as an enabler to our commitment to higher customer satisfaction, increase in stakeholder value & better process management through the never-ending cycle of continuous improvement.

Based on the principle of TQM & TBEM, we have instituted business excellence practices across functional areas. The thought of continuous and breakthrough improvement, preventive management and management by facts are being promoted through a range of BE initiatives. Some of the quality platforms & tools used are:

Tata Business Excellence model (TBEM) :TBEM is based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Model of the U.S. The model helps the organization to get insights on business strengths and opportunities for improvement. TPDDL scored 516 in its very first TBEM external assessment in the year 2006 and created history by scoring above 500 in its 1stattempt in the TATA group. Assessment score under TBEM is the indicator of organization's excellence maturity. Our TBEM score has moved from 516 in 2006 to 605 in 2013, thus getting into "Emerging Industry Leader" band.

Integrated Management System (IMS): IMS at Tata Power-DDL integrates all our systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA 8000, OSHAS 18001, ISO 27001) and processes in to one absolute framework, enabling us to work as a single unit with unified objectives. IMS helps Tata Power-DDL to become a process driven organization, with each function aligned behind a single goal: improving the performance of the entire organization. An integrated system presents a clear, holistic picture of all aspects of our organization.

5S – Basic Quality Initiative : The concept of '5S' has created a revolution in many industries and Tata Power-DDL never thought 2nd time while adopting this quality tool. We have implemented 5S in all most all offices, Grids, Sub Stations etc. and continuing this practice in order to bring excellence in our work environment. The '5S' technique involved reduction in waste and also helping us in improving quality and confidence. Having originated in Japan, the technique is now being practiced in other countries too.

SHINE : Systematic and Holistic Improvement Initiatives at Tata Power-DDL through Employee's Engagement - This is the platform for Improvement and Innovation at Tata Power-DDL. DNA for improvement and innovation is present, but the ignition of minds needs flashpoint! And SHINE platform is all about this ignition. It helps us to think differently to innovate and then facilitate our thought process to convert the same into reality. SHINE doesn't stop there until one is rewarded and recognized for his/her effort to bring improvement at Tata Power-DDL.

Quality Circle : The term Quality Circles refers to small groups of line employees who meet periodically to discuss ways to improve the quality of products & services they produce. Quality circles were considered one of the secrets of Japanese industrial success. At Tata Power-DDL we have also started SMS i.e. Suggestion Management Scheme under the umbrella of Quality Circle initiatives at all Zones, where our field staffs along with business associate people have started sharing many suggestions and all those inputs are translated into many QC projects, which will bring improvements in our area of operations.

SANCHAY - Tata Power-DDL’s Knowledge Repository : SANCHAY is the one stop shop for all knowledge and information of Tata Power-DDL. All the knowledge is classified in to two categories Tacit (SEEKH/ MEGA SEEKH / SHIKSHA) and Explicit (Tata Power-DDL-o-PEDIA). Knowledge is captured, stored and disseminated through SANCHAY across organization. Through Tacit platforms e.g. SEEKH, people share their knowledge with others. Organizational documents of importance e.g. IMS documents, Policy Documents etc. are made available through Tata Power-DDL-o-PEDIA.

TATA Innoverse : Tata Innoverse is a social platform that leverages the power of collective wisdom by creating an innovation hub to enable Tata employees to collaborate, share, remix and execute innovative ideas swiftly. The Tata Group’s diverse and skilled workforce, with experience across industries, continually comes up with new ideas to meet challenges and serve our customers better. It shrinks the Innovation cycle time in an interesting manner by empowering employees to select good ideas for implementation in an open and transparent manner.