Product for Energy Management Solution

Intelligent Energy Meter

Heightened demand for power availability, distributed generation, and greater efficiency are creating a need for more consumption and power quality measurements at the edge. Meeting this need, Sumeru Verde introduces an Intelligent Energy Meter offer 16 channels of load profile data.

Key Features

  • Configure and store up to 16- channels of load profile data like Voltage, Current, Power Factor and all types of energy/power.
  • Power quality measurements include:
    • Voltage Sag / Swell
    • Power Outages
    • Phase Loss Occurrences
    • THD
    • Over Current
    • Unbalanced Voltage Detection
  • Secure firmware upgrades


  • Accuracy
    • Active: Class 0.5 compliant to IS14697
    • Reactive: Class 0.5 compliant to IS14697
  • Rating
    • 5 – 10 Amp.
  • Operating temperature
    • 5 – 10 Amp.
    • Specified Operating Range: -10° to +55° C
    • Limited Operating Range: -25° to +55° C
    • Storage and Transport: -25° to +70° C
  • Voltage
    • 220V to 240V phase-to-neutral, 380V to 415V phase-to-phase, range -40% to +20%
  • Frequency
    • 50Hz +5%
  • Service type
    • 3-phase 4-wire Wye/Star, 3-phase 3 wire Wye/Star
  • Display
    • STN-type LCD with backlight support
      • 8 digit display
      • 10*6 mm character size
      • 30 icons
  • Communications
    • Modbus over RS-485
      • Meter enclosure is an engineering grade polycarbonate plastic and is IP51 compliant.

DCU / Gateway

Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) is an intelligent device with built-in RS-485 modules to acquire data from IoT devices using programmed application. The DCU communicate with multiple IoT devices on RS-485 network that have functionality to execute the commands from head-end-system. The concentrator can also be programmed to analyze and communicate this information to the head-end-system database. One DCU supports up to 32 IoT devices and sensors.

Key Features

  • Pass-through
  • Push-pull mode of operation
  • Communication Protocol: Modbus
  • Meter to DCU communication: RS485
  • DCU to HES communication: GPRS/Ethernet
  • Storage: 2GB
  • Schedule: Yes


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