Neutral Mixing and Earthing for various requests

Q.1 What is neutral mixing?

Ans. Neutral Mixing happens when outgoing neutrals of two & more energy meters in a building wiring are interconnected together. In general, it happens due to interconnections of common facilities of the building like common water pumps, common stairs lightings, common security system & wrong internal wirings etc.. It is recommended that, the circuits for each meter after meter should be separate to ensure that the neutral after any meter does not get mixed with any other meter.

Q.2 How to maintain proper earthing and internal wiring of house?

Ans. Earthing:

  • 1. Periodically check for oxidations/ resistance at connections & Earth electrodes.
  • 2. Ensure all connections at earth links & 3 pin sockets are connected properly.
  • 3. Ensure continuity of all earth wires.

Internal House wiring:

  • 1. Avoid exceeding the recommended loading of wires.
  • 2. Periodically check for functioning of protection accessories like MCBs, ELCBs.
  • 3. Periodically check and take corrective actions for loose/ oxidized connections at MCBs, ELCBs, Switches & Sockets.
  • 4. Periodic measurement of wire insulation resistance.