Going Solar...Going ESCO...Going Efficient

Till today, Tata Power-DDL has set up 15 Grid Connected Solar Plants, resulting in 255 Net Metering connections adding to 14.74 MWp solar installation, with a total capacity of 1.77 MW, in its own premises.

TATA Power -DDL has successfully commissioned 7 projects of capacity upto 225 KWp under the prestigious demonstration programme under MNRE, Government of India.

Set up 1 Mega Watt Class of Grid interactive Solar PV Power Plant at its Central Stores at Keshavpuram which has annual generation of 1.5 million units of green energy.

Set up 12 no. of 1 KW capacity standalone solar lighting system in RWA Porta Cabins in New Delhi Municipal Corporation area under “My Delhi I Care” scheme of Govt. of Delhi.

EESL as implementing agency for ESCO based LED street Light project

Tata Power-DDL partnered with RECPDCL Scope - PMC for implementing LED Street lights of urban local bodies and supervision of AMC for 7 years

TATA Power-DDL with RECPDCL awarded for 6 states

8.32 lakh lights in 6 states: Rajasthan, Punjab, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Tripura –EES

Upcoming PMC in 4 more states (addition of Odisha, UP, Maharashtra, Telangana)

Additional 20 lakh street light points upcoming in UP

Setting up E-Vehicle Charging Stations

Tata Power-DDL took up an initiative of setting up charging stations for promoting E-Vehicles in its operational area. It was an initiative to encourage consumers contemplating on buying eco-friendly vehicles.

Two E-vehicle Charging Stations installed in Tata Power -DDL operational area

  • Netaji Subhash Palace (Near Tata Power-DDL Vocational Training Centre)
  • Near DU Grid, Maurice Nagar Police Station
Only DISCOM as BEE Grade-I Energy Service Company
  • Revaluated by ICRA as Grade-1 ESCO Rating
  • Re-Empanelled six ESCO agencies for the Year 2017-18
  • Discovery of competitive energy audit price (range of Rs. 4000 to Rs. 50,000) as per load and customer segmentation wise
  • Collaborative partnership with ESCO project implementing agencies and technology solution providers (like Honeywell, Katyani, SmartJoules)

TATA Power-DDL: Bihar Mini Grid Solar Project

The main objective of this Project was to develop a model for rural electrification by identification of suitable locations based on different variables (such as existing population and estimated consumer base and in reach of electricity grids, etc.) such that it supports our country’s rural electrification program through community engagement and should be able to reach large sections of the consumers who are in need of electric power and deliver to them at a reasonable cost.

Business Development Journey
in Stages

  • 2009-12

    IT Consultancy

    SCADA Consultancy

    Capacity Building

    Renewable Consultancy

  • 2012-15

    Project Management Consultancy

    Management & Technical Services

    Commercial Services

  • 2015-17

    IT Implementation

    Functional Consultancy

    Power Management

    Comercial Outsourcing

  • 2017

    Management Operators
    (International market)

    Streetlight Maintence

    Maintence Management

    Smart Metering / Smart grid


    ESCO Services

  • Over 3 billion USD

    PMC - GoI Schemes Having Total Project Outlay

  • Improve the performance of peer utilities

    Technical & Management Services



  • LED Street Points

    Lighting up the streets of many Indian states

  • Expeditious IT Consultancy and Implementation works

    For all state utilities

  • Smart metering, Power Management

    Emerging technology services